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Ume juice recipe


  • Unripe ume, 1kg
  • Rock sugar, 1kg
  • White liquor (korui shochu), small amount
  • 3L wide mouth bottle


1. Disinfect bottle with boiling water or alcohol and dry.

2. Wash ume with water and lightly dry. Freeze for 24 hours until completely frozen.

3. Layer ume and rock sugar in wide mouth bottle. Attach lid securely. Label bottle with date.

4. Place in cool, dark place. As ume begin to thaw, occasionally shake bottle to fully dissolve sugar.

5. Syrup will be extracted in about 7 days. Remove fruit and store syrup in refrigerator. Mix with 4 parts water to 1 part syrup to drink. (You can eat the removed fruit as well. If you mix with milk, it will produce a yogurt-like drink.)