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Umeboshi production method


  • Ume ripened to a yellow color, 1 kg
  • Coarse salt (sea salt or rock salt), 200g
  • Weight (1 liter water bottle or strong plastic bag, 1 kg or so)
  • Inner lid (can use a plain plate)
  • Bucket (food grade plastic or enamel)
  • Plastic bag appropriate for pickles
  • White liquor (korui shochu), enough to fill a spray bottle


1. Disinfect bucket with boiling water or alcohol and air dry.

2. Wash ume with water and dry well.

3. Spray inside of plastic bag with white liquor.

4. Put ume and salt into plastic bag and mix well. Put in container.

5. Place inner lid and weight on top of bag (the size of the weight will depend on the amount of ume. For up to 2kg of ume, use the same size weight. Over 2kg of ume, use 2kg weight.)

6.Cover bucket with lid and place in cool, dark place for one month.

7.Remove ume, arrange on drying racks so none are touching, and dry in the sun on a clear day for 3 days. Turn the ume over each day.

8. Place in jar or crock to store.